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7 Steps to Sell Your Home Quickly for The Highest Price Possible

What you are about to read is the 7-step system that we’ve been using for years to sell homes fast for the most money possible. Pay close attention to step number 4. That’s the step most sellers and traditional listing agents miss and it is really important.

Step 1.

Stage the home to appeal to more potential buyers.

  1. Clean the home inside and out to make it look fresh and new.
  2. Remove as many personal items as possible to make the rooms look larger and more appealing.
  3. Repair or replace anything that is damaged or broken in your home. This will show a buyer that you care about your home and that the home is well maintained.
  4. Use your furniture to highlight the features of your home.
  5. Add fresh flowers near the entrance of your home and inside your home.
  6. Paint any areas that might look dated to a potential buyer. Neutral earth tones appeal to the widest audience. This also goes for colorful or busy wallpaper! Remove it and paint the walls.
  7. If you have dated light fixtures replace them with newer more energy efficient fixtures.
  8. Replace any broken or dirty switches and plug plates.

Our listing specialist will help you figure out any other items that can enhance the condition of your home and make sure you get you the best price possible.

Step 2.

Reduce the costs of selling your home so that you have room to start with a lower selling price or have more room to negotiate to get your home sold.

Over 80% of Sellers paying a 5% or more commission reported to an independent survey that they could not make their first offers work due to a difference in sales price and offering price of 2%.

That might not feel like a lot of money, but to a $500,000 Seller, that equates to $10,000!

The good news is that with Savings Realty, you no longer have to pay a high commission to get your home sold.

Step 3.

To attract the widest range of buyers you need to position your home on the Internet.

To properly position your home on the Internet means you must cover these bases:

  1. Pricing – Use round numbers so that you are included in the maximum number of search criteria. No Internet portals, including agent only search tools, search for properties priced at $499,900.

This is a screenshot from which shows an actual example of how a buyer enters in the price range they want to search for. Other real estate websites use pull down menus that range in increments of $50,000, $100,000 and above.

  1. Photography – professional photography of your staged home is essential in creating a good impression of your property to potential buyers.




3. Listing Accuracy – It’s important that listing is complete and full of information about the home. Our listing specialist will take care of this at the listing appointment.

Step 4.

Advertise your home to every buyer. Don’t ignore half of the buyers!

There are typically four types of buyers looking to purchase properties. These include first time buyers, out of relocation (out of state) buyers, and local house buyers. The key is to make sure that all of them see your property. Relocation buyers and first time buyers often hire an agent to help them find the right property. On the other hand, investors (which almost every buyer thinks this way these days) and the local house buyers will often check for sale by owner properties in addition to the real estate websites.

The traditional real estate agent is not able to think outside of the traditional box, but we do! At Savings Realty we list your property on all major home search sites. We still take care of the contract, but with Savings Reality, it’s possible to save the commission you would have paid to a buyer’s agent.

Step 5.

Consider using incentives to make the home stand out from the competition

After you attract a buyer to your property you need to be able to say something that motivates them to put your home on their “Must See” list. Savings Realty uses the Savings Realty Buyer Rebate Program to do just that. This program is a proprietary system where we actually pay the buyer part of our commission that you have elected to pay.

Agent incentives can also work well. Instead of doing a price reduction, you can consider a higher commission for the buyer’s agent  to have them bring you as many buyers as possible. You have this option since you have the wiggle room from saving on the listing side of the transaction.

Step 6.

Make an offer to buyers that have viewed your property more than once

If you have a buyer that appears interested in the home but wavering, our expert contract team can contact the buyer or their agent and determine if our proprietary Reverse Offer system is a good fit. With your permission, we will make an offer to the buyer instead of the other way around. This can be a very powerful approach to get your home sold.

Step 7.

Treat the negotiation as a business transaction.

It’s important to avoid drama and emotion when negotiating the contract. At Savings Realty, we breakdown the negotiation process into very simple to understand points and walk you through every step so you know what to expect. Our goal is to get the buyer to commit to the terms you desire. Our superior system is designed to keep the process simple and easy to understand.