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How to Get a 50% Commission Rebate When Buying a Home

Savings Realty gives you a big rebate check if you do some of the home research yourself. Watch the video below to learn more.
Home Price
50% Commission Rebate*
25% Commission Rebate*?
Rebates based on selling agent receiving 3% commission
*The Savings Realty buyer’s agent receives a minimum commission of $5,000.

The Savings Realty 50% Rebate Program

Just as Savings Realty has revolutionized the listing side of the real estate industry, we have also changed the way people are buying properties.

The concept is quite simple. We know that 98% of buyers are actively shopping online to find their dream home or investment property. Since you are doing part of the work why shouldn’t you share in part of the commission? Once we’ve set up an agency relationship with you, we’ll email you up to once per day with all new listings that fall within your search parameters. You can drive-by the properties that look promising and narrow down the properties you want to see. We will set the appointments with one of our buyer agents. When you have decided on the right property we will negotiate the purchase contract and get you the best deal possible. Once your offer is accepted, we’ll work with you through the close of escrow advising you every step of the way. After the close of escrow we will send you a check for up to 50% of the buyer’s agent commission. Click here for the Savings Realty Buyer Rebate form for more details. Click here for the Savings Realty Buyer Rebate form for all the details. The program is exactly the same if you find a property through any other website or at an open house that you attended. Simply contact us early in the process to establish an agency relationship, which will then guarantee the seller pays us a commission that we will share with you.

Rebate Application Form

Buyer  FAQ

How does the rebate work?

Simple, when a real estate agent represents someone purchasing a home, the agent is paid a commission from the seller; usually 2.0 to 3%. At Savings Realty, we will rebate either 25% or 50% of the commission to the buyer. We understand buyers have the ability to virtually or physically view properties without the assistance of an agent, so we like to reward our clients with huge cash incentives for utilizing technology and including us in the part of the transaction that really matters

Why do you offer cash rebates? Is there a catch?

At Savings Realty, we do not have large overhead or  franchise fees that “traditional” agents usually have to pay. The benefits of being a broker plus our innovative use of technology allows for large savings that are passed on to clients. There are no hidden fees and no gimmicks.  You get to decide how you want to use your rebate.

Does Santino work by himself or does he have a team?

Santino is the Principal Broker and founder of Savings Realty. Santino will be your broker, and he works with a small group of highly-rated Realtors and is actively looking to expand his team. This team model ensures that someone is available at all times so every deal closes smoothly. The  team is available for clients to call anytime if they have any questions or concerns with their transactions.

Will you provide me with the same level of service as a traditional agent?

Yes. All of our agents are full-service, licensed Realtors.

Are rebates legal?

Not only are rebates legal, they are actually supported by the United States Department of Justice. The Department of Justice has an entire website promoting this cost savings approach for home buyers and sellers.

Visit the USDoJ website here.

Why don’t more agents offer rebates?

Agents are often employed by brokerages, where they have to share their commission, pay desk fees, marketing fees, and other miscellaneous fees that often make it infeasible to give a rebate.

How do I get my rebate?

You can receive your rebate one of two ways. One way is to receive the credit at settlement directly on the HUD-1 settlement statement. This reduces the amount of money you will need to bring to the table.

If you want the rebate after settlement, you will receive a check for the rebate within 10 days after closing with lender approval. The rebate commission is not considered income, but please check with you accountant as this statement should not be construed as tax and legal advice.

Click here to download the Buyer Rebate and make sure to call our office right away.

What are closing costs?

Closing costs are an accumulation of charges paid to different entities associated with the buying and selling of real estate. For sellers, they are usually about 1% – 2% of the total sales price of a property(not including real estate commissions). Some of the closing costs you might encounter are: escrow fee, documentation fee, homeowners’ association fees, pest/rot inspection, and title insurance premium. With the Savings Realty Buyer Rebate program, we will rebate part of our commission back to the buyer to assist with closing costs.

So Saving Realty can help contribute towards part of the closing costs for me, which equates to less money I need to bring to the closing table?

Yes, that is exactly what we do! We make it more affordable for you to buy a home through us!