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How to Sell Your Home for Just 1.5% Commission

Savings Realty saves you money by only charging 1.5% at closing plus 2% if a buyer’s agent is involved. Watch the video below to learn more.
Home Price
Your Savings*
1.5% + 2%
1.5% + 2%
1.5% + 2%
1.5% + 2%
Table based on 6% commission. For homes under $500,000, minimum of $5,000 or 1.5% paid to listing agent, whichever is greater.

You really can get exceptional service for a much lower fee

Our Sellers 1.5% Commission program will save you thousands in commission. But that doesn’t mean we skimp on service. We offer everything you would expect from a full-service real estate agent without the high commissions. We’re committed to marketing your home effectively and getting you the best price possible. You’ll get:

  • Professional Photography
  • Yard Signage
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Listings in all the main listing sites (including Zillow, Trulia, and
  • Open House Marketing
  • Listing on MLS At Savings Realty, we work hard to deliver a smarter, faster, and more efficient real estate experience. We’ll help arrange the showings, handle the offers, negotiate the price, and stay in touch with you every step of the way. You can count on great communication and great customer service right through closing. Call today at (805) 489-0221? or click the button below.

Sellers FAQ

What about commissions? What exactly do I have to pay you to sell my home?

Almost 90% of all transactions involve agents. 70% to 90% of the transactions involve a “Buyer’s Agent”; To encourage any agent to bring you a buyer, you should offer no less than a 2% commission to the buyer’s agent. The seller customarily pays the commission even if the agent represents the buyer and not the seller. When you list your property with Savings Realty, there is a 1.5 % listing commission, plus a 2-2.5% commission offered to the buyers agent. Additionally, we offer a 1% commission option to sellers who already have a buyer and do not require marketing services for their property. See table below for example of potential sellers savings using our selling commission matrix.

Sales Price Commission Your $Cash$ Savings *
$1,500,000 1.5%+2.0% $37,500
$1,000,000 1.5%+2.0% $25,000
$900,000 1.5%+2.0% $22,500
$700,000 1.5%+2.0% $17,500
$600,000 1.5%+2.0% $15,000

Table based on 6% commission. For homes under $500,000, minimum of $5,000 or 1.5%  paid to listing agent, whichever is greater.